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Buy Raw Mango Butter [TOP]

Organic Mango butter is made from the fat derived from the seeds by cold pressing method in which mango seed is put under high pressure and the internal oil producing seed just pops out. Just like essential oil extraction method, mango butter extraction method is also important, because that determines the texture and purity of it.

buy raw mango butter

Organic mango butter is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin F, Folate, Vitamin B6, Iron, Vitamin E, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc. Pure mango butter is also rich in rich in antioxidants and has anti bacterial properties.

Unrefined mango butter has Salicylic acid, Linoleic acid, and, Palmitic acid which makes it more suitable for sensitive skin. It is solid at room temperature and calmly mixes into skin when applied. It helps in keeping the moisture locked in skin and provides hydration on skin. It has mixed properties of a moisturizer, petroleum jelly, but without the heaviness.

Mango butter is Non-comedogenic and therefore does not clog pores. Presence of oleic acid in mango butter helps in reducing wrinkles & dark spots and prevents premature aging caused by pollution. It also contains Vitamin C which is beneficial in skin whitening and helps reduce acne marks.

Mango butter has been famous for its medicinal use in the past and ancient Mid wives always believed in its beauty benefits. Compounds of mango butter makes it appropriate for all skin types.

Mango butter has mild aroma and is commonly used in skincare products, haircare products, soap making, and cosmetic products. Raw mango butter is a perfect ingredient to be added to lotions, creams, balms, hair masks, and body butters.

Moksha is leading supplier of organic mango butter in India to many retail companies and exports worldwide to other countries like USA, UK, Canada, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Korea, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc. We deliver our products worldwide using our logistics partner companies like DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS etc.

Buy Mango Butter online in USA from Moksha for commercial as well as personal use. Unrefined, pure mango butter is free from chemicals, parabens, sulfate, pesticide, etc. It has solid consistency and melts as it comes in touch with skin.

Moisturizer: Mango butter is a great moisturizer and is now replacing shea butter in many skin care products. In its natural form its solid at room temperature and can be used by itself. The texture of mango butter is fluffy and creamy and it is light weight as compared to other body butter. And it has no heavy fragrance so there are less chances of headaches or migraine trigger. It can be mixed with lavender essential oil or rosemary essential oil for fragrance. It hydrates skin and applied once a day is sufficient.

Rejuvenates skin: Mango butter promotes collagen production in body, and hence contributes to a better and healthy looking skin. It also has oleic acid which helps in Reducing wrinkles and dark spots, Preventing premature aging caused by pollution, Also helps in hair smoothening and shine.

Reducing dark spots and blemishes: Vitamin C present in mango butter helps in reducing dark spots and redness. Vitamin C is beneficial in skin whitening and it also helps to reduce acne marks.

Protects sun damage: Organic mango butter is rich in antioxidants as well which helps against the free radical produced by UV rays. It has a calming effect on sun burned skin. Since it is appropriate for sensitive skin, it will also help in repairing the cells damaged by sun rays.

Hair care: Palmitic acid in pure, unrefined mango butter plays a key role in hair growth. It acts as a natural oil but without any greasing. Hair just look shinier than ever. Mango butter can be mixed with essential oil for dandruff such as lavender oil and tea tree oil and, it can also treat dandruff. It also helps in repairing damaged hair from pollution, dirt, hair coloring, etc.

Reduced dark circles: Unrefined Mango butter can also be used as a under eye cream for reducing dark circles. And just like that, say goodbye to those dark baggy under eyes from binge watching your favorite Netflix show.

Sore muscles: Mango butter can also be used as a massage oil for sore muscles, and to reduce stiffness. It can also be mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil to improve texture.

Skin care products: Organic Mango butter is used in various lotions, moisturizers, ointments, gels, and salves as it is known for deep hydration and provides conditioning effects to skin. It is also known to repair dry and damaged skin.

Massage butter: Unrefined, pure mango butter helps reduce muscle ache, fatigue, strains and tension in body. Massaging mango butter promotes cell regeneration and eases out pain in the body.

Cosmetic products: Mango butter is often added to cosmetic products like lip balms, lip sticks, primer, serums, makeup cleansers as it promotes youthful complexion. It provides intense moisturization and brightens the skin.

Hair care products: Mango butter is often used in many haircare products like cleansers, conditioners, hair masks etc. as it is known to nourish scalps and promotes hair growth. Unrefined mango butter is also known to control itchiness, dandruff, frizziness and dryness.

Discover the tropical answer to skincare with mango butter. Mango butter is extracted from the de-shelled fruit kernels of the mango tree. Contains raw mango butter and other natural ingredients. 16 oz. M-243

Mango butter has natural emollient properties; high oxidative ability; wound healing, and regenerative activity due to its high unsaponifiable; an extract that softens the skin and reduces scars. It also has a protective effect against UV radiation.

Mango butter provides improvements and benefits in all the conditions listed below. Dermatologists often recommend mango butter for treatment of wrinkles, as most people who use the butter will notice decreased signs of aging and the disappearance of lines and wrinkles within 4 to 6 weeks of daily use. Made in Ghana.

We here at Shay and Company offer you two versions of mango butter. We have organic mango, which is a beautiful white color with a clean, clear nutty smell, and we have ultra-refined mango butter. Refined mango butter still offers the same emollient properties as organic mango butter, but with less of the natural smell.

Mango butter is one of the best butters to use in skincare and hair care products. Mango butter is extracted from the seed of the mango fruit. Mango butter is hard at room temperature but turns into oil when it touches your skin. Mango butter makes an excellent alternative or addition to organic shea and organic cocoa butters in your body butters, soap bars, hair masks, shampoos, conditioners, and body treatments.

Mango fruit is a natural source of vitamin c, and so is mango butter. The same anti-oxidants that make mango fruit an excellent nutrient for your body are delivered to your skin when applied topically. Vitamin c works as a natural skin brightened and helps to boost natural collagen production. Including organic mango butter in your face creams and body moisturizers will help to boost radiance and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Organic mango butter can be an excellent base for dry skin products. The high levels of vitamin e and natural anti-oxidants help to moisturize the skin. Try blending organic mango, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, a little organic pomegranate seed oil, organic sea buckthorn oil and organic tamanu oil to create a topical body butter blend.

Are you working on a natural hair conditioner? Mango soothes tired, stressed hair and can help to repair dry scalp. Try blending organic mango butter, organic argan oil, organic jojoba oil, and Oregon hazelnut oil to create a natural hair conditioner that will also help to improve the condition of the scalp.

Mango butter is also one of the best butters to use in hand made soap bars. Try adding a little organic mango butter to our melt-and-pour soap bases to lengthen the lifetime of your soap bars and to increase the emolliency. These bars would make excellent products for individuals suffering from eczema, acne, psoriasis or dry, cracked skin.

Free your hair to bounce and shine with this reviving blend that is made with nourishing ingredients. Infused with Cold-Pressed Oils and Clean ingredients, this conditioner leaves hair super soft, smooth and mango-scented.

Mango butter, or a topical cream made with the oil from mango seeds, is becoming a popular skin supplement. Beauty bloggers say it can soften skin, protect against sun damage, clear up stretch marks, and more.

Mango butter also performed spectacularly in a small 2008 study on treatments for cracked heels. A mango butter-based solution worked better than a commercially-produced lotion regarding the reduction of scars and cracks in skin, and in increased shelf-life. It also showed similar or better results in its ability to moisturize.

Antioxidants contained within mangoes, like vitamin C, have been shown to reduce redness and dark marks on skin. But nothing can eliminate stretch marks completely, despite the myriad products that advertise doing just that.

Mango butter is a highly moisturizing butter that is wonderful for all skin types, but is especially beneficial for dry skin. It is soft and pliable with a luxurious texture and slip, and is characterized by its high percentage of stearic and oleic fatty acids.

Mango butter is very stable with high spreadability, making it fairly easy to work with in cosmetic formulations. It is as beneficial for the hair as it is for the skin, and can be used in hair masks, conditioners, shampoos, or even on its own to help smooth and moisturize dry, frizzy, or damaged hair. It is also great for use in products geared toward curls or natural hair. 041b061a72


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