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How to Enjoy Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Premium with All Heroes Unlocked

In this game, players will get many different troops that they can include in building a strong army. The game has more than 16 legendary heroes that you can unlock. Each hero is different from the other and offers some unique skills and abilities that allow players to destroy their enemies and expand their kingdom. You have to build strategies that help your troops and heroes to attack in the correct way so that they can easily win the battle. You will also get to see dragons and huge robots that you can use in battles too to make your army more stronger and powerful.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers - Premium - All Heroes Unlocked

This game has three different lands to explore. Each land is far different from the other which includes a jungle, land near the sea, and ruins. Every land has many towers to defeat. You have to fight one by one with all the kingdoms to expand your kingdom over the entire land and become a king of lands. Battles will not be easy. You have to unlock all your best heroes and other equipment that helps your troops to perform better in the battle. Also, you have to build some great strategies to defeat your enemies.

On the Flash version, Heroes are activated by paying 15 stars at the Hero Room on the World Map. Only the first three heroes are free, the others must be unlocked to be usable by purchasing the Premium Content.

On the mobile versions, the first three heroes are free and are unlocked by beating Pagras, Silveroak Forest and Coldstep Mines, respectively. Ten'Shí is unlocked by beating Forsaken Valley. The others can only be unlocked via in-app purchases:

Eridan is useable from the start. Arivan, Catha, Razz and Rags and Lilith are unlocked by reaching Redwood Stand, Rockhenge, Neverwonder and Shrine of Elynie, respectively. Other heroes are unlocked via in-app purchases:


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