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Free Download Game Megaman X5 For Pc !!HOT!!

the fundamental reasons why you need to play a megaman game is because it is just an enjoyable and entertaining game. the next reason is for you to get the chance to have the ability to fight hard in order to save the world from invasion.

free download game megaman x5 for pc

the megaman x5 game is usually a side scrolling video game developed by snk. this game is the sixth installment of the megaman x series and the fifth installment of the mega man x series. you can play megaman x5 for free online at shockwave online.

2. features game version: v.1.09 developed by: capcom release date: feb, 11 2009 languages: english, french, spanish system requirements: windows 98/me/2000/xp/vista story: the world is in ruins and only a few remain. while the planet is on the verge of extinction, humans are determined to reclaim the earth. to do this, mankind has called upon the help of eight chosen warriors, the strongest of which is the legendary hero mega man x5. gameplay: the game takes place in an ancient, prehistoric era and is entirely set in the world of capcom's fighting game series. your heroic character mega man x5 can launch from the ground, wall jump, travel through water and air, and transform into rock and ice. the game's combination of action and strategy makes it one of capcom's best-selling titles to date. controls: you control mega man x5 with the mouse. use the mouse wheel to adjust mega man x5's speed. main characters: mega man x5, proto man, bass, roll, zero, gray, wily, dr. wily, dr. light and dr. cossack achievements: 3 trophies hidden game: mega man x5 (game "x" version)


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