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Where Can I Buy Toys R Us Gift Cards

Went to the Giant Eagle in McIntyre Square today to buy the Toys R Us gift cards that will ultimately be used to buy the bikes. They fill up 4 new Giant Eagle Fuel Perks cards with FREE GAS that I'll raffle off at the luncheon at Wildwood Country Club on December 12th! Go to to sign up to come. Thanks to manager Rob and his team for all the work of setting up the fuel perks for me!

where can i buy toys r us gift cards

Now through July 31, Kmart is accepting even expired Toys R Us or Babies R Us gift cards, although the exchange is for $10 in Freecash no matter the amount on the card, according to a Kmart press release.

The offer gives consumers who prefer to shop online an option for spending their Toys R Us and Babies R Us gift cards now that Toys R Us has shut down its e-commerce websites. Toys R Us is accepting gift cards in its stores until April 21.

Bed Bath & Beyond uses the card exchange company CardCash to offer card exchanges for numerous retailers. But it is currently the only retailer in the CardCash network accepting exchanges for Toys R Us and Babies R Us gift cards, according to Steven Weldler, vice president of marketing at CardCash.

CardCash, which pays cash for unused gift cards, stopped accepting Toys R Us and Babies R Us gift cards last week. The Thursday deadline for the Bed Bath & Beyond exchanges is due to the April 21 Toys R Us deadline on the cards, Weldler said.

The toy store chain continued honoring gift cards since its filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September. Now that the company has filed to liquidate its operations in the U.S., plans to keep some stores open have changed.

Clark's concerns are not uncommon. When a store closes for good, rewards points and even gift cards are often impacted. Consumer Attorney Jerry Jarzombek said consumers can file a claim against a company in bankruptcy court.

Bed Bath & Beyond is allowing customers to exchange their Toys R Us gift cards for e-gift card credit that can be used at or in Bed Bath & Beyond stores. Bed Bath & Beyond will offer only a portion of the original Toys R Us gift card amount, and the offer ends Thursday at 11 p.m. CST.

Those of you who have been holding onto gift cards to purchase the latest toy in the seemingly endless abyss of playthings offered at Toys "R" Us throughout the years are probably scrambling to make a purchase right now... but you might not have to.

Toys "R" Us spokesperson Taylor O'Donnell revealed that the toy store chain will honor gift cards for the next 30 days, USA Today reported on Thursday. So time's a ticking, folks! This may seem like bad news at first ("Holy crap, only one month left to use up those gift cards!"), however, retailers aren't actually required to honor gift cards during bankruptcy at all. So this is actually fantastic news for families who still have unused gift cards lying around. Besides, even if Toys "R" Us would have accepted gift cards until every last store closed its doors, let's face it: The selection will probably get picked over pretty quickly with the inevitable going-out-of-business sales on the horizon.

Customer programs, including Rewards dollars, Endless Earnings and gift cards are being honored for the next 30 days as of March 15, according to the statement. Customers can also continue to access their existing registry. 041b061a72


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