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Axel Foster

{XBOX 360 Resonance Of Fate Save Editor Rar}

most of the older save files work in the ps3 game. however, some older save files may not work because of the game's different menu options. the game may have been upgraded for various reasons or during development of the game. some games are just plain old because they were never originally developed for the ps3. as such, the game may have a different menu than originally intended.

{XBOX 360 Resonance of Fate Save Editor rar}

if you lose your data or wish to back it up, you can restore it from the cloud using your save file. select the game, then go to online storage. select the folder that appears. select the file that appears, then press the triangle button to bring up the save data utility. select restore data, then select the folder that appears and follow the on-screen instructions.

as the player is about to go back into the past, he sees a robot from the fourth mission, as he is about to say yes, akane tells him he doesn't need to travel back in time, and that there's another way. she tells that he can travel back in time and save the world as him, but there's a catch, and that he'll have to become a different person, and that if he tries to leave his body again, he won't be able to return to the past, and that the universe will be in a state of chaos. this is what the player sees before entering rhizome 9.

1. rename the ps3_game folder of retail disc [bces01123] into npea90127, 2. unpack the demo npea90127 then copy only the [eboot.bin] from it then paste into folder [usrdir] in [npea90127] renamed in step 1, 3. edit param.sfo of [npea90127] and change category from dg disc game (blu-ray) to hg harddrive game then save, 4. delete licdir folder in npea90127, 5. download only the v1.01 update for bces01123, 6. unpack contents of downloaded v1.01 update then move them to a new folder called bces01123, 7. for dtu: transfer npea90127 and bces01123 folders into cfw ps3 then dtu to ofw ps3. done. 7. for han: move npea90127 and bces01123 folders into make-backup-pkg directory then open/run [do.bat]. install on han ps3 with [enable debug packages].


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