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(Streaming-) Kazakhstan - Philippines live 30 August 2023

04%5. 82%Cost of Living:(USA = 100%)31. 75%36. 47%Commercial taxes and contributions:28. 40%43. 10%Average income:9, 470 US$3, 950 US$Central government debt (% of GDP):22. 31%43. 43%General government debt (% of GDP):25. 10%56. 95%Corruption index:64 (bad)67 (bad) KAZ:totalper 1000inh. PHL:totalper 1000inh. Gross domestic product:220, 623 M US$11.

0 °C23. 9 °CRel. humidity:64%81%Rain days:5. 011. 3Sunshine hours per day:6. 96. 2Maximum daily temperatures in comparison Philippines KazakhstanNative languages KazakhstanPhilippinesKazakh:64. 4%n/aTagalog:n/a37. 9%Cebuano:n/a22. 4%Russian:19. 0%n/aHiligaynon:n/a6. 9%Ilocano:n/a6. 7%Ukrainian:5. 0%n/aBicolano:n/a3. 8%German:3. 1%n/aPampango:n/a3. 0%English:n/a2. 9%Waray:n/a2.

:6. 060. 99Physicians per 1000 inh. :3. 251. 28Diabetes:6. 1%7. 1%HIV:0. 35%0. 36%Tuberculosis:0. 74 ‰6. 50 ‰Tuberculosis cure rate:88. 0%76. 0%Smokers:23. 2%22. 9%Climate We also provide a more detailed climate comparison of both countries. The data for each country can be found here: Kazakhstan and Philippines KazakhstanPhilippinesDaytime temperatures:13. 3 °C31. 8 °CNighttime temperatures:2.

Country comparison: Kazakhstan / PhilippinesThis country comparison is a concise, tabular overview of numerous data from our respective country pages for Kazakhstan and Philippines. There, we provide many explanations and details per country that go far beyond this comparison. On this page:General informationPopulationQuality of lifeEconomyInfrastructureEnergy balanceTelecommunicationHealthcare systemClimatelanguagesReligionsGeneral information KazakhstanPhilippinesRegion:Central AsiaSoutheast AsiaArea:2, 724, 902 km²300, 000 km²Official language:KazakhTagalog, EnglishGovernment form:Presidential republicPresidential republicCapital:NursultanManilaPopulationDetails for Kazakhstan and the Philippines KazakhstanPhilippinesPopulation:19, 622, 000115, 559, 000 Inhabitants/km²:7.

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31 bn kWh5. 21 m kWh100. 92 bn kWh873, 328. 62 kWhCO2 emissions:211. 90 m t10, 798. 95 t133. 47 m t1, 155. 01 tTelecommunicationDetails for Kazakhstan and the Philippines KazakhstanPhilippinesInternational dialing:+997+63Internet domain:. kz. ph KAZtotalKAZper 1000inh. PHLtotalPHLper 1000inh. Landlines:2, 980, 6001524, 584, 35640Mobile cellulars:24, 471, 0001247163, 345, 2441414Internet users:17, 840, 29790960, 871, 561527Broadband Internet:2, 753, 6001409, 623, 73483Healthcare systemDetails for Kazakhstan and the Philippines KazakhstanPhilippinesHospital beds per 1000 inh.

5%Uzbek:2. 3%n/aKapampangan:n/a2. 3%Chinese:n/a2. 0%Tatar:2. 0%n/aMaguindanao:n/a1. 3%Pangasinan:n/a1. 2%Maranao:n/a1. 1%Tausug:n/a1. 1%Kinaray-a:n/a0. 7%Malay (not to be confused with Malaysian):n/a0. 7%Chavacano:n/a0. 6%Surigaonon:n/a0. 4%other:4. 2%2. 5%ReligionsData inventory and updatesA country comparison like this can be based on several hundred individual data items from dozens of different sources.

2385. 2Life expectancy males:Ø 66 yearsØ 67 yearsLife expectancy females:Ø 74 yearsØ 71 yearsAverage age:Ø 31. 6 yearsØ 24. 1 yearsBirth rate:23. 50 ‰21. 81 ‰Death rate:9. 61 ‰7. 31 ‰Migrationrate:-0. 96 ‰-0. 69 ‰Quality of lifeValues from 0 (bad) to 100 (very good)See also: Explanations and country ranking on quality of life KazakhstanPhilippinesPolitical stability:6054Civil rights:3538Health:6840Climate:4049Cost of Living:5847Popularity:3837EconomyDetails for Kazakhstan and the Philippines KazakhstanPhilippinesCurrency: tenge(1 KZT = 100 Tyin)Philippine peso(1 PHP =100 Centavos)Unemployment rate:5. 0%2. 2%Inflation rate:8.

Kazakhstan vs Philippines scores & predictions

24 M US$404, 284 M US$3. 50 M US$Gross national product:185, 743 M US$9. 47 M US$457, 022 M US$3. 95 M US$Exported goods:94, 052 M US$4. 79 M US$98, 518 M US$0. 85 M US$Imported goods:59, 174 M US$3. 02 M US$152, 280 M US$1. 32 M US$Infrastructure Details for Kazakhstan and the Philippines KAZ:totalper 1000inh. Roadways:96, 167 km4. 90 km216, 387 km1. 87 kmRailways:16, 636 km0.

Kazakhstan | United Nations Development Programme

85 km532 km0. 00 kmWaterways:43, 983 km2. 24 km3, 219 km0. 03 kmPassenger airports:190. 0010460. 0004Energy balance Details for Kazakhstan and the Philippines KAZ:totalper 1000inh. Production capacity:219. 19 bn kWh11. 17 m kWh244. 27 bn kWh2. 11 m kWhEnergy consumption:92. 13 bn kWh4. 70 m kWh90. 93 bn kWh786, 844. 67 kWhEnergy production:102.

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