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Doja Cat Planet Her (Deluxe) Zip

Planet Her is the third studio album by American rapper and singer Doja Cat. It was released on June 25, 2021, by Kemosabe and RCA Records. The album, titled after a fictional planet created by Doja Cat, sees her experimenting with sounds that were new and unfamiliar to her before, in an attempt to depart from mainstream music trends. She likened the shift in her musical style to travelling outside the Earth and into outer space.

Doja Cat Planet Her (Deluxe) zip

Doja Cat has explained that Planet Her is "the center of the universe" where "all races of space exist and its where all species can kind of be in harmony there".[24] She noted that by naming the album Planet Her, she was "just trying to be cute" and clarified that it is not a planet for women nor a "feminist thing".[24] The music videos for the singles from the album all occur on different locations on the planet,[24][25] and aim to explore the respective aspects of these locations and what they mean.[26] In an interview with iHeartRadio, she described the album as the most visually captivating project she has ever done, and noted that, because the album focuses on relationships, "it's not a huge statement, not a political statement. It's just Planet Her, for girls".[27]

I wanted to kind of go outside of what I understood [or] what I knew as pop aesthetic or rap aesthetic [et cetera]. I wanted to quite literally travel outside of the planet. When it comes to the videos and choice of words and melodies and combinations musically, I wanted it to feel different. I wanted it to feel otherworldly. So, I just named it Planet Her.

Insider interpreted through the album's music and lyrics that "Planet Her" is a place where "midday skies are streaked with pink and orange" and where "following your sexual urges is uncomplicated and morally good, where the feminine is divine and it's summer year-round."[31] Rolling Stone described the planet as an "exquisitely strange and spectacularly camp world" and noted that "there's a bit of cheeky, sci-fi B movie references in the presentation but the content [of the album] itself is pristine pop fun."[32]

Titled after the fictional planet conceived by rapper/singer Doja Cat, Planet Her is an amalgamation of pop, hip hop and R&B styles. The artist's third studio album includes the singles "Kiss Me More" featuring SZA, "You Right" featuring The Weeknd, "Need to Know" and "Woman", and also features guest appearances by Young Thug, Ariana Grande, JID, Eve and Gunna. 041b061a72


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