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Peekaboo Gender Reveal

Discover the Joy of Early Bonding

Our Peekaboo Gender Reveal Test allows you to discover your baby’s sex as early as 6 weeks gestation with a simple blood test. Backed by DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC)—one of the most accredited labs in the world—the results are interpreted by experienced, in-house PhDs, guaranteeing over 99% accuracy.* Finding out is important, but knowing you can trust the results you receive means everything… And that’s what sets Peekaboo apart: Trusted science. Trusted results.

What Is Peekaboo Gender Reveal?

The Peekaboo Gender Reveal at Mission First Medical is a unique service that utilizes a blood test at 6 weeks gestation to reveal the gender of your unborn baby. It's a special moment turned into an unforgettable experience.

How It Works

By harnessing advanced blood testing techniques, our skilled technicians enable the gender reveal of your baby. This safe and non-invasive method, available as early as 6 weeks gestation, offers a sneak peek into your baby’s world.

Benefits and Results

Our service not only provides the joy of discovering your baby's gender in a special way but also fosters an early emotional connection between the baby and the family. It is a heartwarming experience that strengthens familial bonds.

Ideal Candidates

Expectant parents who wish to celebrate their baby's gender reveal in a memorable, intimate, and safe environment will find our service ideal. It's perfect for those eager to experience an early connection with their unborn child.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Peekaboo Gender Reveal service safe for my baby?
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How long does it take to get results? Can someone other then me pick up the results?

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